Gary’s Games and Hobbies

I stopped by Gary’s Games and Hobbies last Sunday in the ongoing quest to experience the local geek hubs, hives and dives of Seattle.

In this case, a picture speaks a thousand words – Gary’s fits the bill. The interior is split into two sections; the main shop is one, with a couple of gaming tables available in an area otherwise packed with overflowing bookshelves containing a veritable cornucopia of RPG sourcebooks, board games, and miniatures. The second is an annex that opens into a section with model plane supplies and a larger gaming-ready space.

The atmosphere inside is jovial and very lived-in, in a way that tells you “this is home – pick up and browse!”. The merchandise is in good condition and some of it is vintage, including “used” section (as a side note, I had no idea Tunnels and Trolls was still in print). The building itself isn’t in perfect shape, but for anyone familiar with hobby dives (like The Source in the Minneapolis area or Kin-Kon-Kan in Isesaki, Japan) it’s an atmosphere that will immediately feel familiar. The staff were pleasant, informed, and obviously passionate about what they were selling.

I picked up the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide and Bestiary, a Chessex battle mat and an oversized 20-sided die. I’m sure I’ll be back to Gary’s Games and Hobbies in the future – the ambiance and selection of product is spot on for what I enjoy in a game store.

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