Birch Boys

A post on /r/rpg was discussing various alternatives to using expensive and time-consuming painted miniatures to represent characters in a tabletop RPG play space, and among the great ideas in the thread was using Birch Boys to represent both players and enemy units.

Birch Boys make for a cheap, customizable RPG unit display option.

They’re cheap, stylized enough to represent just about any humanoid while not being completely abstract (like using dice to represent units), and can be widely customized. At the price on Hobby Lobby I couldn’t resist picking up a few packs to help visually conceptualize combat as development on Tyth goes forward (and for other potential upcoming GMing needs).

Simply being able to write “Orc Grunt” or “Skeleton Archer Captain” on their heads in sharpie would be really useful for keeping track of units in the thick of combat, and giving the players ‘minis’ to decorate themselves could provide a bit more fun personal identification with their characters’ physical representations.

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